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Securities Offerings

Attorney James G Dodrill Can Help Business Located in any State With Securities Offerings.

Whether your business is just starting, expanding its services, or starting a capital project, you'll need funding to make it happen. Raising funds legally requires complying with federal and state laws. You'll get the securities offering guidance you need at The Law Offices of James G. Dodrill, P.A.

James G. Dodrill is an experienced securities lawyer. He has been working in the field of corporate and securities transactions since 1988. He can help private and public companies make sure they raise money legally and in making strategic decisions on structures and types of offerings to pursue. Also, because of his extensive experience as an attorney AND an entrepreneur, he is able to provide creative solutions to his client's problems. Call James G. Dodrill today to discuss your options.

Secure a Knowledgeable Attorney


How Can a Qualified Securities Lawyer Advance the Interests of Your Company?

Attorney Dodrill has experience in both legal and business environments. He understands the needs of business owners because he is also an entrepreneur and successfully grew his own company from concept through IPO in under 4 years. Whether you are selling equity (stock) or debt, you can rely on attorney Dodrill for assistance with securities law issues related to:

  • Private placements ("PPMs")

  • "Friends and Family" offerings

  • Venture capital offerings

  • Public offerings

  • Form D preparation

  • SEC compliance work

  • Blue Sky compliance

James G. Dodrill will prepare and file the necessary paperwork in a timely manner and keep you fully informed about the process. Consult a well-qualified securities lawyer today.